Our Strength

From the long time experience of Overseas product business localization into the Japanese Market within the IT Hardware/ Software / Service industry of both Japanese/Overseas capital Companies, we understand very well every unique aspect of the Japanese Market from an overseas company’s point of view. We know how to optimize and localize the oversea product/service for the Japanese Market to be well accepted.
We think Globally. Then act locally.
On the other hand, from a Japanese vendor’s point of view, we understand very well how to communicate with overseas vendors.

Our Area of Speciality

Business Scale

Our team excels at offering consulting services for start-ups or SMEs -Small and Medium-sized Enterprise-2 to 100 members sized companies.
We will work out together the most strategic plan on how to enter the targeted market. Thanks to our rich experience of working with big companies, SMEs and family-owned companies on both the domestic and overseas markets, we comprehend the unique company cultures, business trends and behaviors of each environment. We can offer business consulting on best strategies to be employed even within more limited resources and budgets.

We do not base our recommendations on the armchair theory. We suggest strategies that can be carried out in a realistic manner.

Product Category

Category: Software / Hardware / Cloud Service (SaaS) etc. variety type of product Marketing to launch.

Targeting Market

-Software / Hardware
-Cloud Service (SaaS) etc.
-Marketing for a large variety of product types to be launched.

- BtoB / BtoC / BtoBtoC / Online / Direct

Suggestion for Business Development

Our consultant has actual experience of Business Development / Sales / Channel Development and so on, not only for desk-planning but for realistic carry out of the project.

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