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In order to succeed in Japan’s current business environment it is extremely important to implement the right business model strategies. When you come from abroad, you are instantly facing several challenges and barriers that need to be crossed. If you would like to integrate as seamlessly as possible into Japan’s market with your entire business (selling services/products to local customers) you need to get the best possible assistance.

As highly experienced business strategists and consultants we can offer you the help you need. We will build a sustainable business model solution for you that can be implemented successfully. There is a highly competitive environment out there, and in order to succeed it takes the knowledge, experience and mindset of local professionals to assist you throughout the project.

Japan business models and business life in general is governed by a different philosophy, and principles which are many times mistaken by Western business people. This is why so many businesses trying to integrate without external help ultimately fail on the domestic Japanese market. There is a plethora of underlying fundamental concepts that differ considerably from the Western business models. However, in order to become active on the market, to see results and ultimately gain revenue it is important to comprehend and adjust to these principles. Let us assist you with your business project from start to finish if needed.

- Setting up your corporate website – web design, content solutions, online strategies implementations
- Ensuring smooth communication & bridging the gap of the communication barrier between Japanese and overseas partners
- Marketing services- online & offline marketing of products and services
- Logistic fulfillment services
- Feasibility studies / Channel strategies
- Contract negotiation & Business scheme negotiation
- Business consulting solutions

Developing Business Channel

Our experts can help you make your products or services available on the domestic market through the creation of business channels. Whether you opt for direct marketing, indirect or intermediary means, we can fully assist you.
Take advantage of our flexible and full business consulting services to aid your integration into the domestic Japanese market:

  • Business channel strategy: direct sales, partner agent, opaque distribution, etc.
  • Setting the most suitable E-commerce strategy for your business
  • Productivity improvement solutions & implementations
  • Sales promotion strategies

Set up Japanese Branch

If you are looking to set up an office or a company in Japan, you are welcome to get the entire assistance you need from our business experts. During the initial consultation personally or via the web, we will inform you about the most suitable options in your case. You may want to opt for a Representative office, a Branch office or Subsidiary. Either the case, we can inform you about the needed documentation and legal formalities that should be fulfilled before you can start your own business in Japan.
Please feel free to contact us and ask for personalized advice on any aspect of setting up and operating a business on the domestic market of Japan.
We can also take an active role in your product marketing strategy and offer assistance with the following:

- Running feasibility studies before official launch of the product/service
- Channel strategy that best works for your product/service
- Pricing strategy suggestions
- product naming to adhere to Japanese market standards
- establishing correct business flow from Customer Support and Logistics and up to Marketing strategies, PR and Sales.
- Setting up the Product/Service launch plan

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