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Ensuring Smooth communication & Mutual Business Success between Japanese and Overseas partners

We will help you bridge the inherent communication gaps and find suitable business partners in Japan. When you try to enter the Japanese market, there is a completely new business ecosystem that also needs to be built so that you can adhere to the local norms and standards. We will fully assist you in overcoming the cultural, language and specific corporate barriers to make a smooth transition and integrate onto the new market. You need to adopt particular communication manners and a specific business practice behavior in order to assimilate successfully. You will also receive the benefit of applying for assistance through a Japanese native agent who will facilitate communication between you and Japanese partners.

Product Marketing Service

1Product Marketing of Overseas vendor’s product on the Japanese Market
-Strategy/Product localization for Japanese Market

The production and marketing strategy of a product plays a key role in the Globalization success of your business. We offer a full range of Product Marketing services to suit your needs:

-Consultation on how to optimize Overseas product/Service for the Japanese Market- Strategy Localization

-Feasibility Study before entering Japanese Market- proper evaluation and analysis of the project in order to determine its technical feasibility. Running cost benefit analysis & profitability estimates.

-Pre-launch strategies. Pricing Strategy / Channel Strategy / SKU Strategy / Local Naming of the product in Japan. Determining the most optimal pricing strategies, distribution solutions and SKU approach for the products/services offered. Finding the most appropriate name for the product/service to integrate it successfully in the market.
-Establish business flow & ecosystem of each function (Customer support / Logistics / Back-end /Marketing / PR / Sales /

-Launch Plan- Ensuring pre-release, release and post-release points are met. Parts of a successful launch plan include Message Testing, Prospect Newsletters, Social Media, Demos, Lead Generation programs, Sales Enablement, Events, Solution-focused content & more.

2Product Marketing of Japanese vendor’s product on the Japanese domestic Market

We also focus on helping local partners integrate their products/services in the Japanese domestic market.

-Product Marketing of Japanese vendor’s product on the Japanese Domestic Market.
-Feasibility Study before officially proceeding with the project.
-Pre-launch strategies. Pricing Strategy / Channel Strategy / SKU Strategy / Naming of the product in Japan
-Establish business flow & ecosystem of each function (Customer support / Logistic / Back-end /Marketing / PR / Sales, etc.
-Launch Plan

Mutual Communication bridge service (neutral position involvement)

From a neutral positioning between Overseas & Japanese partners, we can facilitate communication and bridge effectively each point of the conversation.

- Contract negotiation bridging
- Business Meeting communication bridging
- Business Scheme Organization
- Agency Contract Negotiation
- Royalty Negotiation

Negotiator (Acting on behalf of Client Company)

Design and execution of powerful negotiation strategies for our clients. Acting on behalf of the client company, we can carry out negotiation services as required, through any strategic point of the business.

1Negotiator Agent of Overseas company against Japanese partner

As the negotiator agent of the overseas company, carrying on negotiations with counterpart Japanese company.
-Contract negotiation
-Business scheme negotiation
-Agency Contract Negotiation
-Royalty Negotiation

2Agent of Japanese company against Overseas vendor

As the negotiating agent of the Japanese company, carrying on negotiations with counterpart Overseas company.

- Contract negotiation
-Business scheme negotiation
-Agency Contract Negotiation
-Royalty Negotiation /etc.)

Business consulting

From a Product Marketing point of view, we offer comprehensive business consulting services taking into consideration all important aspects such as:
- Channeling Strategies/ Effectively earning channels
- E-commerce strategy to be implemented
- Best Sales Promotion Strategies
- Negotiation Strategy Consulting
- Productivity Improvement
- Project Management Case
- Profitable Cost Structure & Pricing
- Efficient product design & packaging.

Alliance with professional partners of each field

Providing professional resource and service for each field:
- Legal & Admin
- Accounting
- Marketing / MarCom (best targeted communication & interaction with prospects/customers through the usage of several media strategies: Direct Mail, Newspaper/Magazine, Online Social Media and other communication campaigns.
- Technical Development

Service Flow

“Glocalize Services” will be provided with the following flow

  • Contact
  • Interview with client to know the requirements
  • Understanding client’s product/service
  • Define the role & conditions
  • Project kick-off

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