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Assimilating your business into the market of the most technologically advanced country in the world is not an easy task. Right from the beginning you are faced with several challenges:

  • The language barrier
  • The important cultural differences
  • The unique business manners
  • Lack of local market knowledge, behavior and trends

This is why it is important to localize your business with the help of the best experts in the field. We offer full E-commerce website establishing services that accede to the norms and trends of the Japanese standards. Regardless of the market segment you are operating in, we can set up a fully functional and efficient E-commerce website that will help you reach out to your local audience in the most efficient manner.

Our experts can help you understand everything you need to know about the Japanese E-commerce customer behavior, local marketing integration, best mCommerce options, and product/service related topics. Please feel free to contact us to discus in more detail your needs and requirements.

Understanding Japanese E-Commerce Characteristics

The standard Japanese web design characteristics imply that a website is colorful and quite busy with graphics, pictures, content information, and more detailed product descriptions. As you might already know this already establishes a huge contrast with e-commerce website designs from the rest of the world.

Then, regarding shipping options in Japan, clients can always choose among several options. Customers can even choose to have their packages delivered at a specified time, or pay for merchandise when picking it up at a physical store. Even more so, it many times happens that customers will test certain products in shops and retail stores but then decide to buy online.

An important reason for which Japanese people will opt for shopping online instead of physical locations is because of the important Holiday promotions all year round. People know they can get important discounts and special deals throughout the year on holidays such as New Year’s, Bon Festival, Respect for the Aged Day, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and so on. When you integrate your business into the Japanese E-commerce environment it is good to take into account these trends and behaviors, in order to achieve the best success with your venture.

The Japanese people have a very well developed sense and culture of online shopping. Customers prefer placing their order online because here they have the opportunity to gather special points, rewards and coupons.

As you can easily note, achieving success in the Japanese E-commerce field is possible only if your presentation follows the mainstream model. Our team of highly skilled and experienced designers and business strategists is here to help you make a smooth and efficient transition.

Japan as the most mature E-commerce market in the world

Glocalize. Personalized services & budget friendly plans.

Several important statistics prove that Japan has not only the largest, but also the most well developed E-commerce market in the world:

  • Currently, Japan can boast with a pool of about 75 million online shoppers. When we set up your E-commerce website, your business will communicate to these shoppers directly.
  • 20% of all E-commerce related orders come through mobile devices. Our experts will optimize your website to become fully compatible with different viewing modes when using tablets or smartphones.
  • Most popular Japanese E-commerce sites employ the special deals and points systems. This is what makes these websites among the most popular choices for people. If you would like to make the most successful breakthrough onto the market, our consultants can help you with the best business strategies implementation.
  • Only about 10% of the online population of Japan orders from overseas. This means that 90% of the Japanese online shoppers stay domestic. Therefore, if you set up a fully functional E-commerce site modeled to local standards your chances of success are excellent.
  • Promotion through social media is also different. Statistics show that Facebook for example is not a single dominant social media platform in Japan. Numbers prove that Facebook and Twitter are used proportionately in the same manner by the online population (36% vs. 39%). These facts and numbers are important to know especially when you are getting ready to set up an online promotional campaign in Japan.
  • Japanese eCommerce has seen an incredibly strong growth. It is foreseen that eCommerce sales will increase by at least $50 million in the upcoming 2 to 3 years.

These are only a very few of the general Japanese online market trends, statistics and behaviors. Our team of strategists and designers will always custom tailor the services to suit your specific needs and requirements.

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