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Welcome to Glocalize- your most important resource if you wish to take your business global. Our highly skilled and experienced Web Design & Consulting experts are at your disposal helping you to target correctly and efficiently the Japanese business market.
Regardless of the niche you are covering, we can help optimizing your web design to fit under the most efficient standards of the Japanese market.

  • Professional digital solutions to help you reach your target audience
  • Custom tailored solutions to help you attract leads
  • Personalized web design solutions covering all niches & industries

Optimized web design solutions

Did you know that optimization goes beyond content and keywords on a website? Your business has the potential to reach the targeted audience only if your online presentation website is optimized through proper web design as well.
After an initial assessment performed by our consultants, we will ensure to create web design solutions that meet your personal needs and requirements. Strategically placed images, optimized video content, proper layout of the text, efficient usage of colors are all important components of a well optimized web design that speaks to a special Global market segment.

Web Design Targeting the Japanese Market

It is extremely important to understand that in order to enter the fascinating market of Japan, it takes the skills and experience of local professionals. The Japanese web design standards and trends differ greatly from the typical design mindset of the rest of the world.

When you bring your business to the Japanese market, you are basically “talking” to Japanese customers. In order to attract more visitors to your website and ultimately turn these visitors into your happily returning customers, you need to adapt strategies to the local market trends.

Localization for the Japanese E-Commerce market through proper design
Top quality web design solutions
Offering you all the tools for the easiest back-end management
Achieving high ranking in search engine result lists

Responsive Web Design Solutions

Fresh. Creative. Responsive Web Design.

If you wish to target the greatest number of visitors/customers, it is important to follow the strategies of RWD, or Responsive Web Design concept. This is a special strategy followed by experts through which they will ensure to create websites that will offer an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device used for viewing.

Nowadays, the greatest majority of people access websites using their smartphones and tablets. However, if the web design of a site is not crafted following the Responsive concept, people will have difficulties viewing the content on that page. This generally means that the visitor will look for similar services offered by your competition which in turn means you are missing out on good business opportunities because of a poorly optimized design.

We can ensure that your website design is properly optimized for best viewing experience using any gadget. People can reach you easier, and they can quickly and easily contact you and place their orders using laptops, smartphones, or tablets. We will adapt the entire layout to fit across different viewing environments through the use of special strategies such as flexible imagery, proportion based grids, Cascading Style Sheets media queries, and more.

Personalized Web Design Consulting

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the web design optimization solutions for the Japanese market, you are welcome to contact us. Our professionals will discuss with you everything in detail and explain to you the required specifics to achieve the best results.

There is no job too big or too small for us. We will take the time to listen to you needs and requirements and then come up with the best strategies so that you can meet your goals. We maintain constant communication with our clients and ensure all projects are delivered in a timely manner.

Good website design is more than just a pleasurable viewing experience. It helps you:

  • Attract more clients which will ultimately turn into customers
  • Build online reputation & trustworthiness
  • Communicate to the largest pool of clients regardless of the devices they use for viewing
  • Seamless integration into the target market
  • Creating a special, visual language for your entire brand to help you build a strong brand identity
  • Appealing web design makes visitors stay on page for longer. This is increases the chances of success for you

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